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Metal Wall Art
Exquisite Designs that go 

From Nature Portraits
to Southwest Bold & Beautiful Looks
We've Got an Amazing Selection

Suns & Moons to Enhance Your Universe


All measurements approximate
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Metal Nature Portraits are handmade in either turquoise or coppery shades. 


Our collection is available in either shade and most sizes.
Designs include Hummingbirds, Roadrunners, Quail, Coyotes or Kokopellis.

Sun Shaped Nature Portraits
Small 19 1/2" X 19 1/2"
Medium 25" X 25" & Large 30" X 30"
Jumbo 40" X 40"

Half Sun Designs
Half Sun Design: L 31" X W 47"

Small and Large Arched Nature Portraits
Small Arched Design:  L 25" X W 36"
Large Arched Design:  L 35" X W 41"

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840 S. Hwy. 89 Chino Valley, Arizona
928.460.1609   statueesque@gmail.com