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Metal Forever Flowers

Gift-giving or garden embellishment, you will absolutely love Statue-Esque Forever Flowers. As the name implies, these beautiful horticultural hallmarks add phenomenal style to lovely landscaping, and will last season after season without the unpleasant task of upkeep. These are definitely proven fun florals with fabulous flair.

Painted steel using preeminently durable automotive paint in beyond-vibrant colors for roses, lilies, canna lilies, even blooming cactus, ocotillo and agaves. Many styles are popular and appropriate for memorial gifts.


All measurements approximate
Click to enlarge

Long Stem Roses, approx. 20", in 7 stunning colors
Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Magenta, Blue & Elegant White 


One Foot Roses in 4 Colors


Magenta, Red, Yellow & Blue



One Foot Lilies with Trio Blooms in Five Colors
Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Red & Purple



One Foot Roses with Trio Blooms in Five Colors
Magenta, Red, Blue, Purple & Yellow


Rose & Lily Plants

3 Foot Sizes


2 Foot Sizes


5 Brilliant Colors - Magenta, Yellow, Red, Blue & Purple


Three-Foot Trio Rose Bouquets in 7 Vibrant Colors (not all colors are shown)


Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Deep Purple, Magenta & Patriotic Red-White-Blue

Small Sunflower Bouquet, 20"

Two-Bloom Sunflower, 40"

Three-Bloom Sunflower, 3'

Large Sunflower, 4'

XLG 5-Bloom Sunflower

Long-Stem Wall Sunflower

Three-Bloom Wall Sunflower

Canna Lilies in Purple, Magenta, Orange & Red

Small 25"

Medium 3 Foot


Large 4 Foot

Tall Cactus in Bloom

Available in Natural Green with Red Blooms , Natural Green with White Blooms, and Olive Green with Magenta Blooms

Sets of 3:
Large is 26" H, 17" W, Medium is 22" H, 15" W, Small is 18" H, 12" W

Round Barrel Cactus in Bloom

Available in Olive Green with Magenta Blooms, Natural Green with Orange, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow Blooms.



Sets of 3


Small Set: Sm. 8" W x 5.5" H, Med. 9" W x 7" H, Lg. 11" W x 8" H
Medium Set: Sm. 11" W x 9" H, Med. 14" W x 10" H, Lg. 16" W x 11.5" H
Large Set: Sm. 15" W x 13.5" H, Med. 17" W x 15.5" H, Lg. 16" W x 18" H

Agave Trio in Small or Large Sets

Available in Olive Green with Magenta Blooms, or Blue Agave with White Blooms or Golden Yellow Blooms. Gorgeous designer appeal.

Small Set: Sm. 1 ft., Med. 18", Lg. 2 ft.
Large Set: Sm. 2 ft., Med. 2 1/2 ft., Lg. 3 ft.

Ocotillo in Small, Medium or Large Sizes.

Available in Turquoise Shade with Orange Blooms, Turquoise Shade with Red Blooms or Olive Shade with Magenta Blooms. Each, a beautiful designer favorite.

2 Foot

3 Foot

5 Foot




Wind Flowers in Three Sizes
Assorted Natural Shades

Small, 20" - Medium, 28" - Large, 34"













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