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Safari Collection

The Safari Statue Collection

at Statue-Esque

In Cast Aluminum

The hunt is over for mighty and magnificent
safari statues, impeccably designed.
At Statue-Esque you'll discover exotic elephants, giraffes,
hippos, rhinoceroses, lions and tigers too.

All measurements approximate
Click to enlarge

IA924 XLG Giraffe
H 34 1/2


IA925 Med. Giraffe
H 4', L 23", W 10"

IA926 Sm. Giraffe
H 3', L 22", W 5" 

IA927 Big Elephant
H 72", L 70", W 30"

IA928 Sm. Elephant
H 42", L 40"
KA969 Rhino Lg.
H 34", L 61 1/2"

JA961 Hippopotamus Lg.
H 30", L 73", W 23"
JA962 Hippo Med.
H 20", L 32", W 14"

G414 Monkey
H 49", W 34"
PA993 Tiger XXL on Rock
L 8', W 40"

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