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Safari Collection

The Creature Statue Collection

at Statue-Esque

In Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum CREATURE statues evoking midieval times
to the land of dinosauers. Go GOTHIC with our selection
of gargoyles and griffins.

All measurements approximate
Click to enlarge

MA979 Dragon, Extra Large
H 7', W 5', L 5'4"


Detail Painted

NA985 Dragon, Medium
H 3'3", W 3'9", L 2'8"

LA977 Velociraptor, Medium
H 2'9", W 9", L 4'


GA157 Gargoyle, Large
H 39", W 32"

GA155 Gargoyle, Small
H 14", L 8"


GA160 Griffin
H 21", L 23 1/2"

GA161 Cat Griffin
H 31", Base 17"X19"


GA162 Griffin Urn
H 35", Top Diameter 17"

EZ847 Dragon, Small Desk-Size
H 7 1/4", Base 12 1/2"


QA997 Rat Fink, Large

H 3', W 15", Base 20"X20"

QA998 Rat Fink, Small
H 1', W 9"


QA999 Betty Boop
H 5'2", W 3'


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